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10 active and different fun things to do in Amsterdam??

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Canoeing in the Amsterdam forrest / Rent a canoe and see how beautiful the Amsterdam forrest is specially in summer. A whole different experience. Escape from the busy Amsterdam, and enjoy the nature and quiet surrounding.

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Waterbiking / Waterbiking on the canals of Amsterdam. This is so muchs fun! Be active and see Amsterdam from a different side. Dutch people love to waterbike because it is so muchs fun. Maximum with 4 persons. When you are in Amsterdam, you actually have to do this!

?? Stadhouderskade 520 – ?? Stadhouderskade 11 – ?? Prinsengracht 279 – ?? Keizersgracht 578

Book your ticket on, see the link above

SUPPING through the canals / How cool is this! Stand Up Peddling! Stand up on this large surfboard and peddle like a boat, but then standing up through the water of Amsterdam. So muchs fun and beautiful views. So enjoy Amsterdam and be active at the same time! Possible on different locations.

-Amstel / Kano en Sup Amsterdam

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-Blijburg / M&M Sup

?? Blijburg

?? Amstel

? 0031621202222

-Nieuwe Meer / Sup en meer

??  ? 0031203305112

Riding on a Segway through Amsterdam / It looks a bit funny, but how muchs fun will you have riding on a segway through Amsterdam with a tour guide. Also possible in the Amsterdam forrest if you think Amsterdam is too crowded. Book a segway and find out this is a great fun experience you don’t want to miss.

??   ? 0031620204398

Get into an old museumtram from Amsterdam to Amstelveen and back on (Saturday) Sunday / Go back in time and get into an old museumtram. In summer also open on Saturday and in winter only on Sunday. Different kind of trams available. Really nice experience. Sit down and enjoy the beautiful view from these old trams.

?? Behind Haarlemmermeerstation ? 0031206737538

Rent a bike and go biking the beautiful green Rondehoep 22,5km / My favorite! Start the bike ride at Dorpsstraat 14 in village ‘Ouderkerk aan de Amstel’. You will start and end your tour at this point. Look for the exact tour on their website! If you like making bike tours you will LOVE this one!


Nemo Science Museum / Active science museum where you can try out all kind of experimental tricts yourself! Really cool for kids but also for the older ones. Don’t forget to go to their roof terrace and see the beautiful view over Amsterdam!

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Rent your own boat on / From 79 euros for three hours. Explore the canals by yourself and see that Amsterdam is even more beautiful if you see it while you are in a boat. Take your own wine and snacks and have a great private boat tour.

?? next to hotel Okura at the Ferdinand Bolstraat 333

? 0031627149493

Take a horse-drawn carriage through Amsterdam

??    ? 031206913478

Searchings through Amsterdam / Different possibilities to explore the city on a different way. Go and explore the Red Light district with a searching, or the Jordaan, or the Vondelpark. or do a searching on a boat. It is all possible. Really nice to do with your family and friends or with a larger group.

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Europe’s Highest Swing / A’dam lookout is an observation deck with an unrivalled panoramic view of Amsterdam. You’ll see the city’s historical centre, its pulsating port, the unique Dutch polder landscape and you’ll spot the famous canals which belong to the UNESCO world heritage list. A’DAM LOOKOUT is located on top of the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North. ‘Over the Edge’ is Europe’s highest swing on our sky deck. Daredevils and thrill seekers will swing 100 meters above the ground, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam below their feet. Enjoy the unrivalled view over our capital city, while the adrenaline flows through your body.

??    ? 0031202420100

Ice skating on the Museumplein in winter

?? Open december until the begin of February

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