10 amazing places outside the center of Amsterdam?

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Bret / Bret loves delicious food, drinks, music and kind people. It is located next to the ‘ Sloterdijk station’ and is built out of sea containers. I love the atmosphere at this place. And in summer they have a great terrace and roof terrace. They enjoy life and love to party. They work with sustainable en local parties in durable quality. On the other side of the street they even have there own vineyard….. A must see if you ask me!

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Dok / Dok is a cultural horeca destination at the Houthavens of Amsterdam. Dok is a familyfriendly place to hangout and relax right next to the IJ. A good outside beauty feeling with warm people. Escape the busy city without losing the feeling being there. I love this place! Sit around the campfire with nice drinks and food and good music and great conversations with beautiful people.

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Floor 17 / Floor17 creates the perfect spot for a delicious lunch, dinner or signature cocktail from early in the morning until late at night. Looking behind the scenes of the kitchen, enjoying the most delicious wines and getting explanation from the Chef and his team are the ingredients from Floor17. The cuisine is pure, French / international with the use of local products and modern techniques. Due to the close cooperation with suppliers Floor17 retrieves the passion to create a constantly changing menu using only the best ingredients of the day. Obviously, your wishes and preferences are respected. Go there and enjoy it for yourself. They also have an amazing view!

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Vergulden Eenhoorn / This place is an amazing city farm built in the year of 1702. Nowadays this monument is a place where you can have great dinners, ore sit on their terrace in the sun surrounded by nature. It’s also possible to eat in a place which used to be a cow stable. Amsterdam people love to relax at this old farm and enjoy life.

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Het Rijk van de Keizer / This place is really different! It’s between the meadows in a green surrounded area. This location used to be the a ammunitionstorage for the department of defense. Now this magical estate is part of the world heritage list UNESCO. Het Rijk van de Keizer, which means ‘ The Realm of the Emperor’ is known for their artist who work here, crafters and beautiful location. There is also a restaurant where they serve biological food and drinks, and with some dishes they use herbs from their own kitchen garden. Go there for lunch or to have a snack with your drink in the evening and I promise you you will have a great experience! Open from 11-19h.

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Ruigoord / Okay Ruigoord is on of the most amazing places I know. It is actually a small town where beautiful people live who are busy with art, spirituality, music, dance and a lot of love. They even have an old church where they give great parties. This place makes you go back to Woodstock ’69. Only go here when you reconice yourself in one of these aspects and there is a little hippie inside of you who appreciates nature. You can only visit this place when they have an event so check the website in advance.

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Pllek / This restaurant and bar built of used shipping containers has a relaxed beach ambiance and an amazing view of Amsterdam. Just a 20 minute ferry ride from Centraal Station, Pllek may give you the feeling of a beach holiday. On a sunny day, relax on the beach chairs in the gravel with a beer in hand and watch the ships go by on the IJ. When the weather is not so nice, cuddle up inside on the comfy sofas upstairs or down. Beautiful spot to relax.

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Restaurant Merkelbach / Lovely restaurant in a beautiful setting. Place looks like a castle. Service is very attentive, professional and friendly. The food is delicious and presented beautifully. A very romantic place to take your love with for a special night.

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Café de Ceuvel / A very nice artistic place in Amsterdam North. Very good vibe and amazing people. De Ceuvel is an sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises on a formal shipyard. They created workplaces for artist in old houseboats. I am in love with this place! Very unique!

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’t NWE Diep / A hidden gem in the beautiful Flevopark with a nice terrace next to a little pond. This is an old distillery. They still have the boilers where they used to brew the Dutch gin. They serve all kind of special beers and nice snacks and of course all kind of jenevers (Dutch gins). No cars allowed! Only reachable by foot ore bike.

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