10 good vegetarian restaurants?

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For most restaurants you need to make a reservation in advance!!!Betty’s  / At betty’s they cook and bake completely vegetarian, i.e. without meat, fish and eggs. And for those who wish, they will gladly cook and bake gluten free and/or vegan. They would greatly appreciate if you would tell them your wishes in advance, so they can ensure a delicious and wonderful evening.
They change the three course surprise menu on a regular basis. Simply because they enjoy using super fresh ingredients -full of flavour, smell and character- and because they love to prepare recipes and ideas that were picked up during their encounters and travels.

?   ? 003120 644 5896

DopHert / DopHert vegan foods & goods is a store and restaurant in the Spaarndammerstreet. Great place to have breakfast ore lunch with healthy juices ore coffee, and three days a week they also serve three course vegan dinners ore eat a delicious vegan burger. Every Thursday evening they serve vegan burgers with French fries and a drink for only 15 euros per person.

?   ? 003120 752 0581

Golden Temple  / This restaurant is named after the famous Sikh temple in Amritsar, North India. At the Golden Temple they find local and fresh food very important. Their vegetables are harvests the day before they order! Furthermore do they have their own sprout garden where they produce their own sprouts. They don’t use meat, fish or eggs in their recipes. They try to adapt their cuisine as much as possible to the real needs of the body.

?   ? 003120 626 8560

H/earth.h  / In the old houses HEARTH was a fireplace made of stone used for heating and cooking. It was the vital center of the house and its most important feature. Their purpose is to create a warm and creative space where people can hangout and connect, eat vegetarian soups, special tiramisu and drink, listen to good music and buy clothes ore art pieces from local artist. They even have a table with swings….

?   ? 00316 45728107

Manamana  / This cozy restaurant Manamana in Amsterdam Piip is a paradise for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. You can combine the small dishes from the Israeli cuisine as much as you want and share with your company as well. From creamy humus to spicy vegetables, you can’t get enough of it and it also looks fantastic. Get advised by the service which wine completes your taste experience.

?   ? 00316 45312483

De Waaghals  / De waaghals, which means ‘ A dare devil’, is an attractive vegetarian restaurant. The atmosphere is informal, but the food is refined and creative. Organic ingredients are used as much a possible and their menus change regularly. It is advisable to book in advance because meanwhile this place is very populair.

?   ? 003120 679 9609

Meatless District  / Meatless District with its industrial design and vegan menu is a wink to the Meatpacking District neighborhood of New York. They have surprising flavor combinations which not only vegans and vegetarians will love but also challenge the diehard meat lovers. Hard not to fall in love with this food made by the owners with love.

?   ? 003120 722 0804

De Culinaire Werkplaats  / They explore inspirational concepts in their search for new tastes, textures, food pairings or new ways of eating & drinking. They translate themes to so-called eat’inspirations. Eat’inspirations are edible stories of regularly changing inspirational concepts, like black, time, or emotions. They offer two types of eat’inspiration. ‘Regular eat’inspiration’ which cost 45 euro per person and ‘Uber posh eat’inspiration’ which cost 97,50 per person.

?   ? 00316 54646576

Marits Huiskamerrestaurant  / Marits is about delicious food without meat or fish: a sensorial experience of pure cuisine in all its abundant simplicity, served with a distinctive eye for detail. Besides a vegetarian set menu they also offer a vegan option, let them know when you reserve. Marits dining room is a restaurant with cozy atmosphere and a relaxed, informal setting. In Marits kitchen you will find products that have been produced with respect for environment, people and animals. Most of the foods are produced organic, local, sustainable and fair-trade. And the meals are prepared with the same love and care, and with the utmost attention to presentation. They serve vin naturel, local beer and liqueur from a nearby distillery.

?   ? 003120 776 3864

Spirit Amsterdam  / At Spirit you serve yourself. Their buffet offers a variety of fifty different breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes, juices and patisserie to choose from. All guaranteed 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. All their dishes are prepared daily in their kitchen using exclusively seasonal ingredients. This means hearty veggie stews during winter, and fruit salad with local organic strawberries in the summer.

?   ? 003120 737 1671

Ninour  / Ninour is what you get when you blend a deep love for food and flavor with a sharp eye for inspiring trends. And the inspiration comes from all over. From Marrakech to Melbourne, and from Bali to Barcelona. No country too far and no ingredient too weird: if they like it they make it. Ninour is also the perfect mixture of flavor and eye-candy: it has to look good to taste good. So they made sure it does both. He cooks, she styles. Besides that they care for the inside as well: everything they make in the deli is guaranteed vegetarian, healthy as hell and packed with a lot of flavor.

?   ? 00316 14595417

Bar James  / In the sizzling Javastreet of Amsterdam East, across from his “big brother” the Walter Woodbury bar, you’ll find bar James. On the menu you’ll find delicious dishes like 3 types of Cheese Fondue,  great salads, vegan burgers, but they do sell some meat and chicken dishes . But don’t just visit James for his amazing kitchen… they also have a mean whiskey, cocktail and beer selection. Sounds good right…don’t be a stranger now and go there!

?   ? 003120 223 8694

Vegabond  / 100 % vegan shop and café with fresh lunch, cakes, juices and coffee. Specialized in plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free products. Visit them in the centre of Amsterdam on the beautiful Leliegracht, nr. 16.

?   ? 003120 846 8927

Beter & Leuk  / Beter and Leuk cooks with as much as possible bio-, seasonal- and local products. They serve vega, vegan & gluten free dishes. Their slogan is: ‘We want to serve Good Food for You.’ A healthy lifestyle makes life more beautiful. They have a great Dutch weed burger you have to try!

?   ? 003120 767 0029

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