10 great Dutch brown cafe's

10 great Dutch brown café’s?

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In ‘t Aepjen  / Very famous old pub dated back from 1544. It used to be a pub for sailors which could also sleep here. Some of them could not pay the bill and payed with a monkey from overseas. ‘Aep’ means ‘monkey’. The monkeys where  to entertain the sailors. But the monkeys had fleas, so the sailors got bitten a lot when they slept over there. That’s why we have a saying(proverb) in Holland called: ‘In den Aepjen hebben gelogeerd’, which means nowadays you have bad luck. Really cosy café and actually already worth a visit because of the history.


Café Fontyen / Fontyen is known for it’s cosy, homely and ‘gezellige’ ambiance. The big terrace catches the sun till dawn from 10 am on. They have a wide variety of beers, biological juices, all sorts of coffee and fresh tea. No reservations! While you are here you can visit the market stalls on the Nieuwmarkt, ore the biological food market on Saturday.

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Café de Druif / This café is one of the oldest from Amsterdam. Shipman from the VOC time used to come here a lot to sign themselves up for staff on the ships. This café is dated from 1566. When you go in here you get the feeling of going back in time. Definitely worth a visit! Later after 1585 it became a distillery pub which you see right away on the pavement of the building, it says: ‘Likeurstokerij “De Druif”. Sit in the sun on their terrace ore in the bar and enjoy the beautiful people and Amsterdam atmosphere.

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Café Heuvel / Café Heuvel is a friendly , relaxed , average priced café. Enjoy sitting outside observing the passing scene. The location is on the opposite of the Prinsengracht canal and the area is very pretty. During the day it is a great place to rest and refresh yourself between sightseeing . In the evening / late night , one can enjoy a few drinks or a nightcap in a very safe , quieter quarter of Amsterdam. Have a good conversation with the locals.

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Café Pieper / The Pieper is a café on the corner from the Prinsen- and Leidsegracht that exist already from the year 1665. They are famous for their home cooked meatballs. So try them when you are here if there not sold out. They are delicious and I always order one ball next to my beer. This place is one of my favorites because of the beautiful view on the canals from the terrace and all the people walking by. Inside the place is small, but the stained glass and the brown wood gives this place a very cosy feeling. This place is run by father and sun.

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Café Karpershoek / Café Karpershoek is on of the oldest pubs in Amsterdam. In 1606 the Karpershoek started as a guest house for the crew of the ships of the Dutch East-Indian Company (VOC). Today, it is an authentic Amsterdam pub, well visited by both tourists and regulars, enjoying the typical Amsterdam atmosphere and the pints of lovely Heineken beer.

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Café Chris / Café Chris opened its doors in 1624 as a beer house. As result, the oldest bar in the Jordan. The tale goes, that construction workers of the close lain Westertoren were paid in this bar. The Westerkerk has been built between 1620 and 1631, but the tower of 85 meters high was just finished in 1638.

Bloemstraat 42 Tel: 0031206245942

Proeflokaal de Ooievaar /

Sint Olofspoort 1 Tel: 0031631586941

Café ’t Smalle

Egelantiersgracht 12 Tel: 0031206239617

Café de Sluyswacht

Jodenbreestraat 1 Tel: 0031206257611

De Blauwe Parade

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 178 Tel: 0031207142000

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