thuis aan de amstel

10 hidden terraces??‍♀️


Thuis aan de Amstel /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 354 7520

De Liefde /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 389 2354

Wilhelmina Dok /

??‍♀️    ? 0031208466170

Rolling Rock Kitchen /

??‍♀️    ? 00316 53205853

Het Conservatorium Hotel /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 570 0000

Mossels & Gin /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 486 5869

‘T NWE Diep /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 465 0222

Canvas /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 261 2110

Cafe ’t Smalle /

??‍♀️    ? 003120 623 9617

Dignita Hoftuin / At Dignita you can enjoy brunch at any time of the day. All items on the menu are professionally crafted, ethically and/or locally-sourced whenever possible. With the international influences evident on the menu they hope to demonstrate how incredibly delicious all-day brunch can be. One of the most beautiful spots in a park in Amsterdam! Join them on sunny summer days on their beautiful terrace or sit indoors and enjoy the view from their glass house style restaurant.

??‍♀️    ? 003120 370 2723

(G’s a really nice place / An electric hot mess of love, lust, hunger and thirst. They serve food and drinks. From Friday until Sunday they have a brunch boat which starts on the Keizersgracht near the gay monument. Reserve for up to 5 persons, 6 + groups please send an e-mail. They have the best bloody mary’s and every day all day long they serve lunches/brunches, and from 17pm you can visit this place for a drink.

??‍♀️    ?)

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