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10 places to taste special (Amsterdam) beers?

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Brouwerij ’t IJ / Meanwhile this Amsterdam brewery is very popular because of the tasteful beers they brew and some of them are even sold in supermarkets now. Good place to have a beer tasting with friends ore just enjoy a beer in the bar on on the great terrace and eat some snacks. No bachelor parties allowed, but definitely worth a visit while you are here. View on the water and they even got an old mill!

?   ? 0031205286237

Proeflokaal Arendsnest / They only serve beer from Dutch brewery’s. 52 draftbeers and 100 beers in a bottle.

?   ?  0031204212057

Brouwerij de Prael / Humans and beers, a perfect combination. What is beer without good company! Go here and have good conversations with all kinds of people and ofcourse a special beer in your hand.

?   ?  0031204084470

Gollem’s Proeflokaal Overtoom / They have 22 drafted beers and around 100 beers in a bottle. In summer you can sit on their terrace and enjoy the sun and nice people and a great tasting beer.

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Gollem’s Proeflokaal different locations:

? Amstelstraat 34

? Raamsteeg 4

? Daniel Stalpertstraat 74

Oedipus Brewing / They made quite some crazy great brews experimenting with a variety of ingredients. Jung people who want to make quality beer available and appealing for everyone. They use bright colors for the bottles which already make you happy without tasting the beer yet. You really should go here with friends for a beer tasting.

?    ✉️

Bierproeflokaal ‘ In De Wilderman’ / Authentic Dutch surrounding where they serve 18 different drafted beers and 250 beers in a bottle. No music, but good conversations. Beers from Holland, Belgium, England, Germany and America.

?   ? 0031206382348

Cause Beer loves Food / An intimate bistro with 30 beers from the tab from all over the world complimented with local and exotic meals. Try their beer tastings!!!

?   ?  0031202237562

De Zotte / Belgium beers / A mecca for Belgium beer lovers in a real brown café. Great staff and a good ambiance. A lot of tourist go back to this place after they have been there once.

?   ? 0031206268694

Brouwerij Troost / Two locations at Westergas and in the Pijp / A brewery where they make the beers on the location you drink it. On the Westergas location you can even buy some beers as a souvenir maybe ore to drink it in the park. On Saturday you can get a tour through the brewery for 6 euro, make a reservation on the website. You can taste some beers and get one to take one bottle home. Else you just enjoy the beers with a snack in the bar ore on the terrace in the Westerpark.

?   De Pijp ? 0031207371028

?   Westergas ? 0031207371028

Brouwerij de 7 Deugden / In this brewery they brew exclusively special beers. Their beers are different from what you are accustomed to, because they use several herbs and spices. They are all beers to enjoy attentively, together with a piece of cheese ore with a delicious dinner. You can choose from three different beer tastings. Contact the brewmaster to make a reservation.

?   ? 0031206673221  ✉️

Mediamatic lab / Greenhouse on the waterfront with a great sunny terrace to enjoy a crafted Amsterdam brew. Here they have great food and they serve their own brewed Myco beer. Lovely place and something different!

?   ? 0031206389901

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