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10 restaurants where they have the best meat dishes ?

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Please keep in mind that for most restaurants listerd below, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance!

Salmuera / Salmuera (SAL) is a brand new Latin American concept restaurant and bar on the Rozengracht within the beautiful historic property that used to be the original Bols distillery.
Named after the aromatic brine that is applied to grilling meats in Argentina, the dynamic space will house a show-stopping asido grill, rustic open plan kitchen with a ceviche counter bar and a so called mezcaleria (mezcal bar) set over 2 floors with an alluring terraced courtyard to boot. Great meat dishes and great location!

    ? 003120 624 5752

Wilde Zwijnen / Wilde Zwijnen (wild pork) is very populair in Amsterdam for the great and delicious ‘wild’ meat dishes. A great restaurant with a fun menu and very good service. Enjoy your meal!

?      ? 003120 463 3043

The Uptown Meat Club / Ever tasted a perfect burger? Go to The Uptown Meat Club! They use meat made from Dutch cows which had a good life. The restaurant is conveniently located in Amsterdam nearby The Van Gogh Museum and The Rijksmuseum.

    ? 003120 363 8142

Bistro Baret / Bistro Baret is on a unique location around the corner from the famous theatre Carré. With a view on the artist entrance and the Amstel this French Bistro is great to enjoy a good piece of meat. They have a great ‘Steak Baret’ or try their amazing entrecôte! Ore their great ‘Côte de Boeuf dry aged’ from 750 gram for 2 persons served with French fries, grilled vegetables and a salade. Locals and artists love to come here and have a great dinner with friendly people around them.

    ? 0003120 622 5602

De Nachtwacht / This restaurant has great meat dishes and for everyone there is something to love! All the main dishes are different kind of steaks. Look on their website for the menu. Especially knowing that the animals had quite a good life comparing to others. 50% tourist and 50% locals because they love this place. And it is called after the famous painting from Rembrandt.

At the end of 2011 Restaurant De Nachtwacht started a new concept that lays focus on better life conditions for the cattle they get their meat from. To them this means that they mostly buy their meat by Dutch farmers. What’s also very important to them, is that the calves are brought up without any growth stimulants.. What is worth mentioning as well is that the calves matures an average of six months longer on the estate. The slower ripening benefits the flavor and tenderness of this pure meat.

    ? 003120 622 4794

Loetje / Loetje is one of the most populair steak restaurants in Holland because of the quality of the biological meat and the good prices. They have different locations in Amsterdam and some with really nice terraces on the waterside or with a view over the busy streets. If you visit Amsterdam you should go here once for the experience and delicious food.

Loetje Central Station / This restaurant is on the waterside right in front of the central station. It has a great terrace.

?    ? 003120 623 3777

Loetje aan het IJ / This restaurant has an amazing view over the IJ with a great terrace.

?    ? 003120 208 8000

Café Loetje / This restaurant is near the Museumplein. Sit on their terrace and watch the locals and the tourist passing by on their bikes etc.

    ? 003120 662 8173

Loetje in de Pijp / This restaurant is located in the centre of the Pijp. It has a nice terrace also to sit outside if you want.

    ? 003120 237 4321

Loetje Oost / This building has a wooden facade you can not miss when you look for it. Also a nice terrace outside to sit in this cosy neighborhood. A lot of locals eating here.

?      ? 003120 362 4709

Meneer de Wit heeft Honger / This means ‘ Sir de White has hunger’. Mr. White’s kitchen is known for its refined approach to hearty flavours and dishes. Chef Simo is passionate about the home cooked meals of the Mediterranean region. Full plates prepared with patience and love, seasonal ingredients, diverse herbs and spices, and deliciously slow cooked flavours. His idea of great cuisine is not the precisely cut carrot – it’s all about taste. The menu focuses on seasonal vegetables—with quality meat, poultry and seafood as an accent—and can easily be shared.

?      ? 0031207373184

Worst Wijncafé / This place has barstools and a big table everyone can sit on. No private tables available. They are specialized in all kind of sausages and have a great paté everyone should taste if you like to eat this, combined with great wines. Just walk in, find a seat and enjoy their crafted food.

    ? 0031206256167

Graceland BBQ / Serving “Traditional American smoky cuisine coupled with classic sides & dessert”. Using a one of a kind Texas smoker ‘Black Betty’, Graceland can smoke meat, fish, cheese, oysters, veggies and a whole lot more!  Their method of long, slow & low cooking (up to 16 hours cooking time) creates a unique flavor that is the basis for their cuisine! From here they are creating a diverse style of shared dishes ranging from meats, sea foods & veggies!  All breads, desserts, pickles, sauces and sides are made daily in house. Along with a kick ass cocktail menu, bourbons & of course beers!

    ? 0031207231760

Julius Bar & Grill / At Julius Bar & Grill the large charcoal-fired grill and the Big Green Egg barbecues are the centre pieces of their restaurant. Top chef Julius Jaspers and his team create dishes here as it has been done for over thousands of years; on an open fire. Of course you can expect steaks but don’t be fooled . They also serve exquisite meats, fish and even vegetarian dishes from the barbecue. But it gets even better. At Julius Bar & Grill they have a large dry-age cabinet. Here they mature amazing pieces of meat. Choose your own piece and their grill masters will grill it to perfection for you.

For them barbecuing is so much more than just grilling a piece of meat. They also grill fish and vegetables. And thanks to the culinary knowledge that Julius has gained during his many travels around the world, they will even please a die hard vegetarian. All dishes are incredibly rich in flavor but the icing on the cake are perhaps Julius Jaspers ‘homemade’ barbecue sauces.

    ? 0031203446406

The Roast Room / The Roast Room is the unique meat eating experience of Amsterdam. Surrounded by the craftsmanship, open kitchens with Beech ovens and the sturdy, yet classically designed interior, you can enjoy the best cuts of meat, burgers, charcuterie and sausages from the restaurant’s own butchery. The Roast Room consists of the Roast Bar and the Rotisserie. The Roast Bar is a brasserie style restaurant on the ground floor. The Rotisserie is their fine dining restaurant on the first floor. Great experience! If you love meat, this is the place to go too!

    ? 0031207239614

Braai  / In South Africa, a Braai is known as a social meeting, where food is prepared on open fire. In Amsterdam, Braai is a place to meet, to talk and to enjoy the good things in life. Friends and invites are more than welcome and most people bring something to eat. But the main principles from ancient times are still the same; gathering around the fire, chatting and telling stories. Once you’ve experienced a real Braai, you will never forget.

These are the principles and values they want to express in their venues. Spending time with friends and family, enjoy good food, cold drinks and local goods.
They don’t have a typical South African kitchen; They use braai, barbecue and grilling techniques from all over the world in their dishes.
They live by the saying; eat together, serve yourself. This means they don’t do table service. What?! Yes, you order at the bar and pick up the food when it’s comes just of the barbecue. Simple, easy and affordable. Let Braai be your backyard and find out for yourself.

   Vondelpark  ? 003120 221 1376

  Westerpark  ? 003120 223 6020

Kaagman & Kortekaas / This place is inspired by the bistro’s from Paris nowadays. It combines an informal and intimate atmosphere with a high quality. At this restaurant they have a lot of dishes with wild meat and poultry, homemade charcuterie and oysters at the bar. They have a small menu which they change weekly depending on the seasonal vegetables etc. They are also specialized in cheeses and good wines. Really good restaurant to eat a great piece of wild meat!

    ? 003120 233 6544

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