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10 thrift stores (second-hand shops) ?

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Ari  / One can only LOVE Ari! I used to live around the corner of this thrift store and visited it almost weekly. Once I bought a beautiful chair for only 30(!) euro’s. It looks like a flea market from the outside, but inside you’ll find that it is actually a wonderfull maze of hidden treasures. Randomly placed objects stacked on top of each other, leaving only small paths to walk around. It’s a true adventure to try and reach the back of the store, but it worth it, because Ari sells beautiful stuff against small prices!

   ? 00316 46325159

Kringloopbedrijf De Lokatie / This thrift store sells all kinds of second-hand stuff against very good prices. Furniture, clothing, books etc. Go there and look for a beautiful hidden gem. Succes guaranteed!

 Distelweg 85

?   Eerste Oosterparkstraat 236

? 003120 463 1115 Call this number if you want them to pick up stuff you don’t need anymore for free. For whole contents of houses call in advance so they can see if they can sell the furniture etc.

RataPlan /  This thrift store sells all kinds of everything. Need a dishwasher? Or an hair brush? Cook book or jacket? Go sniffing around (it does smell a bit) and you’ll find anything you’re looking for, against a very good price.

  Van Slingelandtstraat


 Willem Roelofsstraat

? 003188 828 2782 This number you can call if you want them to pick up stuff for free at your home or business. Call in advance!

Rataplan Design / This shop is specialized in sustainable stuff from Asia and China. Designed things made from 100% recycled plastic. But they also sell stuff like furniture, made from bamboo. Really worth a visit!

  ? 00316 24909003

Juttersdok /  This thrift store sells all kind of stuff, all bargains. Furniture, clothing, books etc. Just love it!

  Papaverweg 23-25

 Zeeburgerpad 90-99

 Postjeskade 23-25

?  0031206892899 This number you can call if you want them to pick up stuff for free at your home or business. Call in advance!

Jun-Jun / Second hand store for kids stuff! Toys, furniture, clothes, strollers etc. They also re-style furniture and sell it in their store. You can also bring your second-hand clothing and other kids stuff. When they sell it for you, you’ll get a small amount of the price.

  ? 003120 683 7252

Mevius / Almost everything you can think of you’ll find in this big warehouse. New, old, art, kitsch and remnants. Different things every week depending on what they picked up. Definitely worth a look. You can also call them if you want them to pick up furniture etc.

  ? 003120 618 0256


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