10 typical Dutch snacks you have to try ?

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Kroket / Deep-fried meat. Nice with mustard and white bread.

Frikandel (speciaal) / Deep-fried with mayonaise, curry or ketchup and unions.

Bitterballen / Deep-fried meat balls. Trie them with mustard. I love them!

Kapsalon / Mixture off French fries and meat. Good hangover food or when you are hungry after a party. A lot of calory’s!

Broodje haring / Raw famous Dutch fish with unions. The locals love this one and it is very healthy! Try this if you dare!

Kibbeling / Deep-fried fish. Try them at a fish stall near the beach. They are delicious!

Bal gehakt (Café de Pieper) / Baked meat ball.

Kaassoufflé / Deep-fried cheese. Nice with white bread.

Berehap / Deep-fried meat on a stick.

Poffertjes / Little pancakes with powder sugar.

Pannenkoeken / Pancakes with syrup and sugar.

Patatje oorlog / French fries (of war) with mayonaise, peanutsauce and unions.

Kaasplankje / Cheesboard with different kinds of cheese. We Dutchies looooove cheese!!!

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