10 very good places to eat falafel and hummus ?

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Sonny falafel in de Pijp  / A take away but very good! Love this place, and even more when I have a hangover! Choose your own salad and sauce and make it as spicy as you want, or try their garlic sauce!

?    ?  0031206767612

Mezze kraam op ten Katemarkt left side in the back / This market stall sells very good hummus and falafel.

?    ? Ten Katestraat, whole street. Open from Monday up to Saturday from 09.00 till 17.00.

Gouden Tent / A shop where they have great hummus (they also sell on the Ten Kate market), fresh salads and falafel of course. Only vegetarian meals. And they have great staff and a good service is very important to them.

?    ? 0031614314775

Mana Mana Amsterdam / This cozy restaurant Manamana in Amsterdam Piip is a paradise for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. You can combine the small dishes from the Israeli cuisine as much as you want and share with your company as well. From creamy humus to spicy vegetables, falafel, you can’t get enough of it and it also looks fantastic. Get advised by the service which wine completes your taste experience.

?    ? 00316 45312483

Hummus Bistro / Libanese delights! Hummus Bistro is a small new spot in the Jordaan. For The Jordaan district is a small village within the giant city of Amsterdam, where everyone stil greets each other and where the butcheries and bakeries are still going strong. This cozy atmosphere reflects the ambiance in the restaurants. Hummus Bistro is a place where you wille be pampered with the most delicious Libanese breakfast or lunch. Enjoy great Shakshuka!

?    ? 003120 341 6487

Natuurlijk Smullen / This is the first biological snackbar from Holland with a great falafel burger! But they also have other great snacks like a seaweed croquette. Go there to get biological French fries, you will love this place!!!

?    ? 003120 779 0245

Le Sud / A piece of Persia in the coolest street from Amsterdam. This caterer prepares the vegetarian food with love. They have small dishes, salads, olives, falafel, humus all made by a authentic formula. A taste from the Mediterranean with herbs from Iran. Noesje dzjaan! Which means ‘ Enjoy your meal!’.

?    ? 003120 622 5888

Bar Kauffmann, Falafel and Beer / Do I need to say more…. A bar where they serve great Iranian falafel and Dutch beers. What do you need more! I love this place, but I love falafel ;-)!

?    ? 003120 846 1606

Bazaar / Bazar Amsterdam is located in the heart of the very lively Pijp in the Albert Cuyp Street. In this former church they will introduce you to dishes from all different parts of the world. Bazar lives up to it’s name; with it’s colourful tables, striking lamps and cheerful music the restaurant will remind you of a market in a far away place. Most dishes on their menu find their origin in North Africa and the Middle East and are not overly priced. The price of our daily special starts at € 8.50. And good falafel of course!

?    ? 003120 675 0544

Restaurant Artist, Libanees food / Here they serve delicious Libanese food. This place gives you the feeling you are eating in Beirut. Great atmosphere! They have really good falafel dishes you have to try and the people who work here are very kind and hospitable. If you like this kind of food I really advice to go here!

?    ? 003120 671 4264

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