10 vintage clothing shops you must visit ?

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Zipper / Zipper is one of the oldest second-hand stores in Amsterdam and was founded in 1979. The Zipper includes two stores in the city center, a permanent spot at the Noordermarkt on mondays and an occasional Warehouse Sale. It is driven by one family’s love for vintage goods. Twice a year they visit America to find the best items for their shops. A two week work trip of wondering in big warehouses and sniffing around at wholesale markets. When sorted out, the clothes still need to be washed, dried, ironed and price tagged. When all of that is done, the clothes are finally ready to go to the stores. I love this store and always score a nice new vintage piece of clothing!

  ? 003120 623 7302

Jutka & Riska / One can only loooove this store! At Jutka & Riska you can buy vintage clothing, their own label clothing and the prettiest accessories! I like to come here to look for a new hat or a cute bag, sunglasses or affordable jewelry. The shop offers one of a kind products. Because of this, prices for these particular items can be a bit higher than most of the vintage clothing shops.

?  Bilderdijkstraat   ? 003120 618 8021

?  Haarlemmerdijk ? 00316 24668593

Episode / This shop is really famous by locals in Amsterdam. Episode is the place to be for vintage and second-hand clothing. Good quality! And luckily for us they have 4 locations throughout the city! All the items are carefully selected by the employees. The shops are quite full, but then again you can find lots of vintage Dr. Martins and Levi’s here, score!

? Spuistraat   ? 0031208 544 466

? Berenstraat   ? 003120 626 4679

? Waterloopleijn   ? 003120 320 3000

? Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

The kiloshop / The name already reveals it’s price. The Kiloshop is the easy way of vintage shopping. You don’t pay per item, but per kilo! You pay 20 or 30 euro a kilo depending on the clothes. At the Kiloshop in the attractive area ‘The Pijp’ there’s also a café. Ideal for your lover, friends or family to have a coffee with something tasty on the side, so you can take your time and try on lots of clothes.

  ? 00316 51966390

WINI / You’ll find WINI a short 5 minute stroll from Amsterdam Central Station. A vintage shop in where you can get top quality vintage items. They have cool clothes for men as well. Fabrics, accessories, shoes, dresses, and tops in every style. We like!

?    ? 003120 427 9393

PopBoy / At PopBoy you can get everything from the 50’s and 60’s at PopBy on the Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat. You won’t only find vintage clothing and accessories there, but also books about women en style icons from that period. When you enter the shop you really feel as if you’ve gone back in time. Let’s do the twist!


Bullitt Amsterdam / In the west part of Amsterdam you can do some great vintage shopping at Bullitt! Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture or clothing, Bullitt has it all. The owners only choose items that they like themselves, so if you have the same taste, this spot is definitely a good recommendation! Also, all of the items are unique, such as handmade jewelry and home decoration accessories.

  ? 003120 618 0007

Rumors Vintage & Design / Have you heard the rumors….The Haarlemmerbuurt is a great vintage area where you can find Rumors Vintage & Design. Not all women can go crazy here because of the style, but you can easily take your male friend or lover because they have things for her and him!

?    ? 003120 752 9874

We Are Vintage / Are you a little bit vintage? Well I am! At ‘We Are Vintage’ on the Kinkerstraat you’ll find vintage clothing, shoes, bags, hats, and scarves for women and men! This is also one of the vintage shops in Amsterdam where you pay per kilo. Whether you’re looking for funky pants, or more basic vintage, you’ll find it at We Are Vintage.

?   Kinkerstraat

   Eerste van Swindenstraat

?  003120 785 2777

Marbles Vintage & Design / This is a great place to shop vintage clothing. At Marbles you’ll find a huge selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories for a small price. One of our favorite vintage shops in whole Amsterdam where you can buy still great looking clothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. Most of the items haven’t even been worn yet!

  ? 003120 750 8146

Bij Ons Vintage / In Dutch ‘Bij Ons’ means ‘At our place’. At ‘Bij Ons Vintage’ in the Nine Streets and the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal there aren’t only female shoppers looking for the nicest vintage items for a good price, but men also love to shop there. The items are changed up regularly, so you have more reasons to go back often.

?   Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal

?   Reestraat

? 00316 11871278

I Love Vintage / In the centre of Amsterdam on the Prinsengracht you’ll find ‘I Love Vintage’. This shop specializes in vintage and retro looking clothes. Only in this shop everything is new! That means great quality clothes and long lasting items. The only vintage items in this store are the bags, jewelry and  shoes to compete your outfit.

  ? 003120 330 1950

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