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The Oosterpark is not as famous as the Vondelpark, but a very nice one and actually should not be forgotten when you visit Amsterdam. But during the cold winter months we tend to forget the park and seek our pleasure elsewhere. Too bad, because during fall the Oosterpark is as it’s finest. Crispy autumn leaves, the clear pond… Renewed and upgraded, the park is now more beautiful than ever. And not only the park itself has been upgraded, also everything around it. There are just so many fun things to do in and around the Oosterpark. Like the restaurant ‘Park’. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with its soothing decor, earth tones and evergreens it is a natural extension of the park. I really am in love with this new hotspot. Open the link, look on their website and I am sure you want to go here!

When you want to learn something while you visit Oosterpark you should go to ‘Het Tropenmuseum’. This museum about humans is a must visit for several reasons. The imposing building is also beautiful on the inside, the exhibitions are always about universal themes of human beings (such as mourning, celebrating, praying or fighting) and the museum café, Café de Tropen, is completely renovated and serves delicious lunch. The perfect pitstop for your walk!

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